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Insertable Promos Series 2

The following are insertable ads and promotions usable anytime of the year (page 2)
Unclog your drain and save
your back
at the same time.

Do it yourself:
Load a smelly 150 pound machine into your car. Watch for flying cables! Half of your Saturday down the drain. Nasty stuff slinging everywhere. Clogged again? Start over!
Simply call (814) 676-6665:
You don’t touch a thing. We’ll be there in about an hour. We’re trained professionals. We’re there when you need us! We clean up when we’re finished. All work guaranteed.

The next time your drains clog you can rent a machine and do it yourself or save your back and your Saturday. Just call us and we’ll make your drain problems go away.

Present this coupon and save $15.00!
(you could buy a pizza!)
Call (814) 676-6665 today!
Make your drain problems go away!

Offer good through March 2023


Toilet Problems?

Throw Away Your Plunger!

Uggh! The toilet’s stopped up again. Is there anything worse? Aren’t you tired of plunging your toilet? It’s smelly, disgusting, and unnecessary!

Unnecessary? YES! Believe it or not, there is a technology to toilets and today’s toilet technology is vastly improved. In fact, today’s low flow toilets actually flow. What a concept!

Call us at (814) 676-6665 to install one of these new wonder toilets and you can throw away your plunger. If the toilet ever backs up, we will clear it for FREE!
Mention this ad when you call before the end of 2023 and we will take $50 off the installation.
Offer good through 2023. Cannot be combined with other offers.
If your water heater warranty has expired, you’re getting closer to a major headache. To prevent a painful flood in your home, we’re offering a special discount. Just let us replace your aging water heater before it fails. Besides preventing a huge headache, you’ll be saving energy dollars as well as getting more hot water so it’s a win win WIN offer!
Don't know the age of your tank?
Call Us at (814) 676-6665 for free information.
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