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Give Someone Special a Unique Valentine this Year...
Print and cut out this frame and glue a wallet sized picture behind it. This is a great project for small kids who want to make a valentine out of a school picture for a parent or grandparents.

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

In the days of Roman Emperor Claudius II, Rome lacked soldiers for the emperor’s many wars. Claudius determined the shortage resulted from men reluctant to leave their wives, so he banned marriage. Bishop Valentine disagreed with the law and continued to conduct marriages in secret. When caught, he was imprisoned, awaiting execution. The guard’s daughter was an admirer of Valentine and used to visit him in his cell. On February 14, 270, the day he was executed, he left a note in his cell for the guard’s daughter, telling her he loved her. The note was signed, “From Your Valentine.” Thus, every February 14, in honor of St. Valentine, we exchange “Valentines” with those we care about. This is our Valentine to you, our customer.


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