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Heater Maintenance

Prepare your heater to shield you from the chill of winter!

Franklin Heater Tune-Ups

Seasonal Heater Maintenance

We rely on our heaters, winter after winter, to keep us warm through the longest storms and the coldest of nights. While, for the most part, they do their jobs admirably, all heaters could use occasional help to stay running optimally and keep your family warm throughout the season.

That’s where Deets comes in. For years, we’ve been the go-to choice when it comes to heating tune-ups in Franklin. We’re committed to doing everything it takes to provide our community with the highest-quality HVAC services possible.

Whether it’s a simple seasonal heater tune-up or a complicated new commercial installation, no one beats Deets when it comes to skills, training and a commitment to superior customer service. We’re here to establish ourselves as an authority in the HVAC, electrical and plumbing industries — and we can’t do that without a customer base that we’ve proven can rely on us for everything.

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How Often Is Heater Maintenance Necessary?

It’s recommended by most manufacturers that your heater be serviced by a qualified professional at least once every year.

Doing so will go a long way in preventing premature replacement and may be necessary in order to maintain your manufacturer warranty.

As for the ideal time to schedule your maintenance, it’s suggested that you book your appointment for late fall or early spring.

This will ensure that your system has been inspected either before or after its heaviest use at least once a year to ensure that it has the best chance of running optimally.

Benefits Of Diligent Heater Maintenance

Staying on top of your heater maintenance comes with several benefits that will help ensure that your winter nights at home are warm and comfortable.

More Consistent Utility Bills

The HVAC system is one of the highest energy consumers in most homes. This means that any inefficiencies that would generally be corrected by regular maintenance will be reflected on your utility bills. A poorly functioning unit could easily result in higher than normal energy costs.

Increased Lifespan

While a poorly maintained furnace may function for years without any breakdowns, every year gone without proper maintenance will increase your chances of requiring pre-mature furnace replacement.

Improved Safety

Many homes utilize a gas furnace for heat throughout the winter. While efficient and reliable, using natural gas as a fuel source comes with its set of drawbacks, particularly concerning safety. Regular maintenance will ensure that all of the components that control and maintain combustion in your furnace are functioning properly.

Lower Repair Costs

Regular maintenance will reduce your chances of experiencing major furnace breakdowns which will lead to costly repairs. While it’s impossible to avoid repairs entirely, most large issues can be easily fixed if caught early enough.

Improved Reliability

The entire purpose of your heater is to keep you warm. It’s going to have a far better chance of doing that efficiently if it’s being regularly maintained by qualified professionals like the ones here at Deets.

What’s Included In A Deets Tune-Up

With some companies, their vagueness about what’s included with their system tune-ups could leave you questioning whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth. At Deets, we like to leave no room for questions. With our maintenance calls, you can expect your system to be comprehensively checked for any flaws and issues. You can expect our technicians to thoroughly inspect your system, which includes:

Lubricating fan motor and checking fan blades for tightness

• Checking start and run capacitors

• Testing fan limit switch and tightening electrical connections

• Cleaning the blower wheel, filters and combustion chamber

• Cleaning and adjusting burners and heat exchanger

• Checking flue, flame baffle and combustion air

• Measuring amperage draw, gas input and temperature difference

• Testing thermocouple and adjusting thermostat calibration

The Deets Family Membership

With life being as busy as it is, it can be a problem keeping up with the things directly in front of you, much less remembering tasks like scheduling maintenance for your heater.

With Deets family memberships, we offer our customers a way to take all the thought out of annual heater maintenance.  Along with heater tune-ups, select tiers offer customers a list of benefits that quickly pay for the cost of joining.

So if you want us to do literally ALL of the heavy lifting when it comes to your HVAC maintenance, ask us about our membership today!

Deets Will Keep You Warm Though Any Winter Storm

At Deets, providing the highest quality maintenance is the least we can do, but we take it just as seriously as any service we could possibly provide. So, if you’re looking for a company that wants the best for the community of Franklin and aims to provide the best home services around, don’t hesitate to call Deets today!

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