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When your air conditioning is showing signs of age, there isn’t any time to waste. While it may not seem important if the unit still runs, you can save hundreds of dollars by upgrading your AC unit to one that is more modern and energy-efficient. Making sure to replace your HVAC units at the end of their lifespan ensures that you get quality heating, cooling and air filtration.

When you’re looking for the best way to replace your current unit, a very important part is looking for a match for your home’s needs, like Deets! Replacing your HVAC unit when it reaches the end of its lifespan can improve your energy efficiency, provide better service for less money per month and save you hundreds on repair costs!

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What Is The Average AC Lifespan?

While there are exceptions, it is rare for an air conditioner to last over a decade. Higher-end models may have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, but there are a lot of variables that can make this number increase and decrease over time.

Some of the things you can do to increase your AC lifespan are discussed below.

Changing Your Filters

While it seems like another chore, changing your filters has an awesome effect on your indoor air quality and unit lifespan. When filters start to take on lots of dust and debris, they can clog. This makes your air conditioning work with less efficiency, straining your unit.

Getting Regular Maintenance

Taking care of your unit with regular tune-ups and maintenance is a great way to prolong your lifespan. A contractor will be able to completely clean the unit, inspect for any problems and assist you to prepare for seasons with lots of allergens. They can also catch problems easily, which is key to making sure they don’t cause any further damage to your air conditioning.

Schedule Repairs As Soon As You Can

If you’re having trouble with your AC, you should schedule a repair as soon as possible to ensure that there is no permanent damage to your unit. This is very important as tears in your ducts, electrical problems and leaks can all cause different forms of irreversible damage that can cost a lot to repair. Calling a trustworthy HVAC company with 24/7 service can ensure that you get the deets on your AC problem.

When Should I Call An AC Replacement Company?

Knowing when to call in for a replacement instead of a repair can save you a lot of trouble. This is because there are some telltale signs that indicate your machine won’t be functional for much longer. Make sure to watch out for:

  • Ticking or chattering noises
  • Less air flow
  • Vibrating excessively
  • Leaks
  • Repeated breaks
  • Costly repairs

Calling for a unit replacement instead of a repair can be very helpful if your unit is finally getting past the age of optimal performance. A total replacement not only saves you money by limiting the need for a costly repair, but it can also make your home much more energy efficient. This can save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills per year, while also being environmentally friendly!

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At Deets, we know that you can’t control what life throws at you. Whether your HVAC unit is finally giving out after a hard season or it’s simply getting too old to be efficient, we’re always here to help!

We streamline our process to make sure that you’re not surprised by high costs or long repairs. We offer free estimates, financing options and a satisfaction guarantee for all of our installation services. Call today for fast and friendly service that simply can’t be beat!

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