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So many people have forgotten about what truly drives America, they’ve forgotten what moves the needle for millions and millions of people, each and everyday…”BCWE” = Blue Collar Work Ethic.

In the towns and cities like ours… there’s a gap that exists far too often in the communities we live in…trusted companies that employ local blue collar hands that turn screws and crank wretches, swing hammers and dig trenches…these people and companies are vital to nearly all the modern comfort we oftentimes take for granted.

Which is why we’re making it our mission, to give back, to highlight and reward the achievements and accomplishments of all the home town hero’s we encounter each and everyday.

Here at Deets, we don’t just go above and beyond for our community, or our customers…we go above and beyond for our people…our employees…who we truly see, as extended family.

Dirty Hands should mean more than just a clean paycheck, and we’re laying out a compensation and hourly plan that benefits all the hard workers in the room.

We do things different than most…we remember and implement time-tested tradition while embracing new age technologies and systems, and by doing that, we empower everyone to do their best and truly be their best.

“Nobody Beats Deets.” 🔨

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