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We have a lot to thank our water heaters for, from the kitchen sink to your bathroom faucet. Doing the dishes, washing our hands, showering, laundry and countless other activities are made easier thanks to their hard work. Our lives would be much more difficult without modern water heaters, so when it comes time to choose a company to service your water heating needs, you want to choose one that can carry out the best water heater installation possible.

Deets is that company – with a commitment to excellent customer service and a desire to build a customer base that knows they can count on us with their every need for decades to come.

Part of being an industry leader is having an unwavering commitment to providing the best service and becoming a reliable source of trustworthy information. To help our customers decide when facing a tough water heater choice, we’ve put together this rundown of the two main types of water heaters.

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Tanked vs. Tankless Water Heaters

When it comes to water heater options, there are only two relevant options, a traditional tanked water heater or a state-of-the-art tankless water heater.

Both options have their place in the industry, and each comes with its own drawbacks.

Traditional Tank Heater Advantages


Initially, traditional tanked heaters are more affordable than their tankless counterparts. This makes them ideal for homeowners on a tighter budget or just looking for a no-frills method of water heating they know they can rely on.

Time Tested

Speaking of reliability, these traditional tanked units also have the added benefit of being proven by the decades. Most of us grew up in homes being supplied hot water by traditional tanked units, and they will continue to serve homes for decades to come.

Tank Water Heater Disadvantages

Limited Hot Water Supply

These traditional units work by continuously heating a reservoir of water in order to maintain its temperature. They’re naturally limited by the amount of water their tank holds. They can only provide as much hot water as is in the tank until the water has to be replenished.

Energy Inefficiency

Because these units require a reservoir of water to be constantly heated, they consume a little bit of your utilities at all times – either gas or electricity. This is far less efficient than a system that only has to consume gas while being used.

Space Requirements

Another downside of the tank is that you have to have somewhere to put it. Almost every home has a space in the corner of their garage or a closet monopolized by their water heater.


Compared to tankless heaters, tanked heaters tend to have a shorter life span due to the increased wear related to constant filling and heating.

Tankless Water Heater Advantages

Energy Efficiency

Because tankless heaters only have to consume energy when hot water is needed, they operate far more efficiently than tanked units. For the average home, it’s been proven that using a tankless water heater can be up to 34% more efficient.

Unlimited Hot Water

Because tankless units don’t have to rely on a reservoir of water and instead heat water on demand, they can produce an unlimited amount of hot water. This means that taking a cold shower only happens by choice with a tankless heater.

Space Efficiency

Another huge benefit of not needing a tank is the space it saves. With a tankless heater, you can utilize the space previously taken up by the water tank.


Because no wear down is associated with constantly heating and filling a water tank, tankless heaters generally need to be replaced less often than other options.

Tankless Water Heater Disadvantages

Initial Cost

While they may be cheaper in the long term, tankless unit installation is a larger upfront investment.

Maintenance Requirements

Tankless units require additional maintenance requirements to function at optimal efficiency.

Low Flow Rate

Flow rate refers to the amount of water a water heater can produce at a given time, and tankless units have a lower flow rate than tanked units. Functionally, this means that tankless water heaters may be unable to provide hot water to as many sources simultaneously as tanked units.

Say Goodbye To Cold Showers With Deets

Whether you need a simple water heater installation or are looking for the best place to provide Franklin tankless water heater replacement, our team will be here to do the work and provide you with everything you need to have hot water for years to come. So if you need anything — plumbing, electric or HVAC — call us today!

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