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Why Join Our Plumbing Agreement Program

With Our Plumbing Agreement Program
You Save Time, Money and Stop those Bad Surprises!

Number One!
CMP (Comfort and Maintenance Plan) Members aren't 'just another customer' to us. When you call, we'll place you at the 'head of the line' so you'll get faster service.
You get the fastest service possible!
Save Money!
Be Safe!
As a CMP (Comfort and Maintenance Plan) Member you get your Value Rate on every service we perform. The savings alone can more than pay for the low membership fee.
Annual check-ups prevent costly surprises. Hidden drips, leaky valves and faulty water heaters can lead to inconvenient, costly and even dangerous surprises. CMP (Comfort and Maintenance Plan) Members get a plumbing system safety check-up every year at no extra charge.
24 Hour Emergency Response
Chances are, as a Service Agreement Member, you won't have a plumbing emergency because plumbing inspections can catch problems before they get out of hand.
If something does go wrong, we're here for you 24 hours a day, even on holidays and weekends. Just be sure to mention that you're a Service Agreement member so you'll get priority service.
Perpetual Warranties
Never spend another dime on "Certified" repairs and fixtures. Simply keep your  CMP (Comfort and Maintenance Plan) Members in force. Any certified fixture or certified repair that we perform for you will be covered as long as your membership is in force. Note: Perpetual
Warranty expires if your membership lapses.
Ask our plumber which fixtures and services qualify for Perpetual Warranty coverage.

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