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Commercial HVAC Solutions

Finding a reliable HVAC company is one of the most overlooked investments you can make as a business owner. When dealing with an HVAC emergency, the last thing you want is to risk supplies, equipment and productivity while wasting time trying to find a company you can trust.

The professionals here at Deets want to take the thought out of finding reliable commercial heating and cooling services. We’re committed to doing our part to build a community of businesses here in Franklin that have the best opportunity of thriving.

Our goal is to participate in that community by providing the best HVAC services possible and establishing our name as a company you can rely on for generations to come.

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Commercial HVAC Options 

We offer commercial HVAC systems to match every business’ needs — that’s what makes us Franklin’s preferred commercial AC company!

Rooftop Units (RTUs)

RTUs are the industry standard for commercial HVAC options. They’re most commonly used and are essentially equivalent to the single-split system that serves most U.S. homes.

Rooftop units consist of an all-in-one system located on the roof of your building to provide both heating and cooling year-round.

These systems represent a robust, time-tested commercial HVAC option that’s predictable and will reliably serve you for 10-20 years.


Essentially the ductless upgrade to the rooftop unit, split systems consist of an outdoor condenser that’s connected to all-in-one air handler units via refrigerant lines. These systems provide an energy-efficient alternative that comes with a number of other benefits, like zoned heating and cooling. Control the temperature between rooms in your building or between floors with a split system from Deets.

Packaged Systems

A packaged commercial HVAC is essentially a rooftop unit that is installed on the ground. Packaged systems provide all of the same time-tested reliability as RTUs without requiring the building to bare the weight of the units.

VRV/VRF Systems

Probably representing the highest end of commercial AC solutions, VRV/VRF systems – Variable Rate Volume & Variable Rate Flow respectively – work similarly to mini-split systems — except that they’re far more efficient in their utilization of refrigerant. These systems are able to provide the most energy-efficient, simultaneous heating and cooling to separate zones of a building.

The Importance Of Quality Maintenance

Regardless of the type of HVAC system being used in your business, quality maintenance is absolutely essential in making sure that your HVAC has the best chance of running efficiently while avoiding premature replacement.

It’s recommended by most manufacturers that your HVAC system be inspected by a qualified professional at least once every year in order to avoid serious issues that have the potential to seriously impact the workflow of your business.

The professionals here at Deets are known for providing the most comprehensive HVAC tune-ups around. We’re eager to be there for you with the service needed for peace of mind when it comes to your company’s HVAC system.

Deets Is The Company That Companies Choose

If you’re looking for a company you can totally rely on when it comes to all things commercial heating and cooling, then pick up your phone and call Deets today. For years, we’ve been working hard to become the obvious choice for all Franklin commercial AC and heating services.

The professionals here at Deets want to provide top-quality services for our fellow Franklin businesses to rely on when they need any type of major service – HVAC, electrical or plumbing. All of our technicians are fully trained to provide comprehensive service in every avenue of our business, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that works harder to provide an uncompromising standard of customer service, satisfaction guaranteed.

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